What Is an EFT?

A live electronic field trip brings the excitement of learning right to your classroom. You don’t need to load up the buses, worry about the weather, or collect money. The experts, topic and location are brought to you electronically via the Internet. 

BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure brings the experience and excitement of learning right to your classroom.  Electronic field trips are FREE and interactive.  Just like an in-person field trip, students can ask questions of the experts during the webcast by sending an e-mail. The program and resources on the web site will enable you to meet science education standards.

There are several things you can do before the webcast to help your students get the most from the field trips and take advantage of the experts during the program.   Check out the resources on the web site. There are LESSON PLANS, BACKGROUND INFORMATION about bats, and CITIZEN SCIENCE activities.