BatLife Europe
BatLife Europe is an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) built from a partnership of national bat conservation organisations that are committed to promoting the conservation of all bat species and their habitats throughout Europe

The Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats, which came into force in 1994, presently numbers thirty European states among its Parties, from North, South, East and West. The Agreement was set up under the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, which recognises that endangered migratory-species can be properly protected only if activities are carried out over the entire migratory range of the species.  The Bat Agreement aims to protect all 52 species of bats identified in Europe, through legislation, education, conservation measures and international co-operation with Agreement members and with those who have not yet joined.

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Frankie: la Murciélaga cuanera
El libro de Frankie la Murciélaga Guanera cuenta la historia de una murciélaga guanera (Tadarida brasiliensis) que nació en una cueva de la región del Hill Country de Texas que, junto con millones de otros murciélagos de su misma especie, migra a México cada año.